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Been postponed by life
I’ll get to that weepy story tonight meatfart

!!! OOOOOH!!!


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they are just that

Oh My Goodness Gracious Grasshoppers

*neverending jazz hands*

wow more oc sketches!

Found some old pencil sketches of two bamf ladies, Bellamy, the human and Tess, the robot. The other sketch was good enough to scan, the other… not so much.

But anyways, these two are cool as fuck ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


motivational ghost buddies!


Words of Emotion

hamfootsia replied to your post “Today I helped to clean my friends’ place. It was a mess and took 5…”

Apparently tumblr wants you to relax…like…me…??????

that would be amazing

to relax i mean bc it’s gonna be a busy day tomorrow as well (and thursday and friday…)

and I’m very antsy about that already


Soundwave (Pekka Töpöhäntä/Pelle Svanslös), Starscream (Monni/Måns) & Rumble and Frenzy (Pilli ja Pulla/Bill and Bull).


2-3 minute ink scribble of a hot dad


2-3 minute ink scribble of a hot dad